About Our Company

Kathleen Kemmerling has been a creative force combining art, peace, and kindness for over 25 years.  We were the first company to create designs that feature the 2-sided sticker, that lets light shine through like “stained glass”.   Our valued customers prefer our designs as they are quite unique and more vibrant than the average sticker.

Resident artist, and activist, Kathleen Kemmerling, started working for Ginsburg Graphics in 1992 and owns StickerBiz.

We believe in a quality product. The stickers that we design reflect our values, such as promoting peace, protecting natural resources and acts of kindness. We value our customer relationships by listening and offering the best in customer service.

We do offer stickers from other companies and artists that are 1-sided.   Some of our most popular designs have been requested in a patch or pin form by our customers.

We also have a custom vinyl department, and can design and produce a wide variety of vinyl stickers for your company,  social club, or sports team.  We offer the resources and ability to create logos and personal art.

A portion of our proceeds go towards charitable causes to fight  the abuse of our animals friends.

We love to spread peace and kindness, pass it along!